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  • Sort Your Life Out will be returning to BBC One and iPlayer for a second series, and will be fronted again by Stacey Solomon. The six part series that aired in November 2021 saw families’ lives completely transformed by Stacey and her team.

    Dubbed ‘A truly perfect show’ by The Guardian, Sort Your Life Out is much more than a traditional home makeover. Houses are emptied of every possession and laid before each family so they can decide what stays, plus what must be discarded, sold or recycled. Meanwhile, Stacey’s expert team, consisting of carpenter king Robert Bent, organiser supreme Dilly Carter and Iwan Carrington the cleaning extraordinaire, transform the living space in time for the possessions to be moved back in, and the big reveal.

    Stacey and the whole team will be returning to challenge another 6 families to get rid of half their clutter, providing an abundance of helpful hacks and tidying tips for viewers along the way. Old furniture will be given a new lease of life, awkward living spaces turned into ingenious hidden storage, and plenty of organising solutions on how to sort out our stuff.

    Stacey says: “There’s nothing that brings me more joy than decluttering my home, so it was amazing to share my tips and tricks with wonderful families in the first series of Sort Your Life Out. Letting go of belongings can be a really vulnerable, challenging and emotional experience. I feel lucky to help people through the process and sort out their homes for the better. I can’t wait to be reunited with my dream team Dilly, Robert and Iwan for more incredible transformations.”

    BBC Commissioning Editor, Beejal-Maya Patel says: “Sort Your Life Out is perfect television. These heart-warming stories of families overwhelmed by possessions and reluctant to let go of the past, is something we can all relate to. Stacey, Dilly, Rob and Iwan do such a sensational job of not only revamping the house, but of transforming the families lives for the long-term. I’m thrilled we’ll get to see it return for a second series.”

    Sort Your Life Out series 2 will be a 6 x 60 for BBC One. It was commissioned by Clare Sillery, Head of BBC Commissioning for Documentaries, History & Religion and Beejal-Maya Patel is the BBC Commissioning Editor. It is produced by Optomen, the Creative Directors are Nick Hornby and Tina Flintoff and Charlotte Brookes is the Executive Producer.

    Sort Your Life Out

    Series 2

    First Aired

    • January 2023
    • BBC One
  • The average family home contains thousands of items we don’t really need, and living in all the clutter is making us miserable. Imagine if every single item in your home were laid out before you, so you could decide what to keep, and what to lose?

    After a successful pilot earlier this year, this brand new series will see Stacey Solomon and her gang – organizer Dilly, carpenter Rob and cleaner Iwan – challenge six families to sort their lives out in 7 days, by letting go of half their possessions. The team will then beautifully reorganise each home with a budget friendly makeover and upcycling what they already have.

    With Stacey’s help, every single item is stripped from each family home, revealing how much space there is under all their things, allowing us to get to know the personalities behind the clutter: single Mum Steph and her three daughters; renters Kirsty and Taurean, and craft loving Sue whose 30 year hobby has taken over the house…

    Filmed across the UK, each episode is the story of one unique family. Once each home is packed up, the family’s possessions are laid out in a giant warehouse like a huge art installation of their entire lives. With everything displayed in front of them the family discover how much they really own. All the items are strategically laid out in defined categories to help them to see how many repeat items they have, so they can quickly decide what to keep and what to put into piles to donate, recycle or sell.

    There are big emotional moments as the family go through their most treasured items and make agonising decisions about what to let go of from their past and present.

    Meanwhile Stacey’s team are hard at work back in the family’s home. Carpenter Rob breathes new life into tired rooms with clever storage solutions including hidden bathroom cupboards, understairs drawers and foldaway furniture. Cleaner Iwan gives each house a supersize spring clean, with lots of useful eco-friendly tips, and organizer Dilly sorts out kitchen cupboards and wardrobes with ingenious space-saving hacks designed for the particular needs of the family.

    When each family is left with only the must-keep items, key sentimental pieces are upcycled before the home is stylishly re-decorated and re-purposed by Stacey and her team, ready for the huge emotional reveals.

    Can the team completely transform 6 family homes by decluttering, organising and upcycling alone?

    Sort Your Life Out

    Series 1

    First Aired

    • November 2021
    • BBC One
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