• On the 1st of July 2000 8 year old Sarah Payne was abducted from the Sussex coast.
    Three weeks later Sarah was found, murdered. She’d been killed by a convicted paedophile.

    Through her grief, Sarah’s mother tirelessly campaigned to change the law, allowing concerned parents access to the sex offender register. 10 years on from the campaign, how many children has Sarah’s law protected?

    Now turning 50, Sara Payne is reflecting back on the event that destroyed her family. For the first time, she’s ready to return to the place where she last saw her daughter alive, and finally, lay the story to rest.

    Susanna Reid will go deeper into the story than anyone has gone before, with exclusive access to unseen archive and candid interviews with Sarah’s family, including her grandparents who have never spoken before.

    Sarah Payne: The Untold Story

    Series 1
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