Gordon Ramsay takes on a whole new nightmare.

  • Brits who left the UK with dreams of running a restaurant in the sun only to find themselves stuck in a struggling business, with no idea how to turn their fortunes around and not enough money to come back home.

    Gordon Ramsay knows better than anyone how to turn around a restaurant that’s in trouble, but what happens when the entire environment is against him? Hostile locals, language-barriers, a tourist industry on its knees and hostile local authorities. This is going to be tough, even for the toughest man in the hospitality business.

    Crazy spending, out of control partying, broken relationships, warring families, bad management and dreadful cooking – Gordon touches down to face a range of fascinating reasons why the dream life in the sun has gone horribly wrong.

    With only a week to turn each business around, nothing is sacred as Gordon pitches in to save these ex-pats from themselves. Some owners work with Gordon to address the issues he identifies, while others refuse to take the advice they sought out, and face the consequences. In the end, it is up to the owners and staff to make the changes.

    Exciting, moving, surprising and inspiring, this is a fresh turn of the wheel for this classic, beloved British series. Costa Del Nightmares will show that sometimes even the most disastrous situation can be turned around with a bit of imagination and a lot of hard work, even when you’re thousands of miles from home.

    A One Potato Two Potato Production for Channel 4

    Ramsay’s Costa del Nightmares

    Series 1

    First Aired

    • September 2014
    • Channel 4
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