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    Ever wondered how you could have a cup of tea waiting for you in the kitchen when you roll out of bed in the morning?…..ever wanted to water the plants without taking your eyes off the telly?….or feed the dog whilst you relax in the bath?….Well help could be at hand.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Chain Reaction Machines; extraordinary contraptions built from everyday objects that perform basic tasks by means of a number of mechanical transitions. Part marvels of engineering, part works of art, Chain Reaction Machines are fiendishly difficult to perfect.

    We’re challenging teams of engineering enthusiasts from across the UK to go head-to-head in the ultimate test of ingenuity and technical ability as they construct twenty transition machines to complete everyday tasks. It’s a knockout competition that will leave us with just one winner.

    Hosted by chain reaction machine expert Zach Umperovitch and enthusiast Richard Hammond.

    Contraption Masters

    Series 1

    First Aired

    • August 2022
    • Discovery+


    • Dominic Bowles - Executive Producer
    • Graham Smiles - Series Director
    • Sarah Eglin - Executive Producer
    • Lina Hashweh - Casting Producer
    • Emma Riley - Production Executive
    • Jacob Moore - Production Manager
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