• Since the first series aired in 2018, the cast have fallen in and out of love, posted countless insta-stories and caused more drama within their close knit group than others do in a lifetime.

    Over one long hot summer the new eight-part series will meet a flurry of new faces who are chomping at the bit to shake things up on the Ascot social scene and delve deeper into the tumultuous lives of the cast as they party from Ascot to Marbella and back again.

    Series two will take us further into the heart of this unique community of proud Travellers & Gorgers (non-travellers) – where loyalty, family and tradition means everything but looking fabulous means even more.

    Absolutely Ascot

    Series 2

    First Aired

    • September 2019
    • ITVBe
  • Absolutely Ascot is a brand new 8-part ob-doc reality series that takes a close look at the extravagant lifestyles and tumultuous love-lives of Ascot’s most glamorous.

    Some of the cast are travellers, others aren’t – but what binds them together is Ascot.

    This close-knit group reveal all as they navigate family, friends and relationships the Ascot way – where secrets are impossible to keep, rivalries are inevitable and there’s money to burn.

    The series takes us deep into the heart of this unique community and their friends – where loyalty, family and tradition means everything but looking fabulous means even more.

    Welcome to the amazing world of bling and bunting that is Absolutely Ascot.

    Absolutely Ascot

    Series 1
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