In this brand new series Emma Willis follows the inspirational stories of families whose lives are transformed by the power of modern medicine, people who are all hoping for miracles.

  • In each episode, Emma meets two people having incredible operations in the hope of changing their lives forever and hears their dreams for the future. Over two years, Emma then charts the progress of these ordinary families going through extraordinary times. From parents seeing their 10 year old child try to take their very first steps on their own to a daughter hearing her dad’s voice through her new cochlear implants to a woman seeing after 30 years of blindness, these are the incredible moments when they realise that life could be about to change forever. Will the dreams they’ve dared to dream happen? From scoring a goal in front of thousands of football fans, to taking a class at the Royal Ballet School to flying through the sky with the birds, in this heart-warming series you’ll see things you thought were impossible become a reality.

    Each week in What Would Be Your Miracle? Emma presents the stories of when miracles really do happen…..

    What Would Be Your Miracle

    Series 1

    First Aired

    • April 2016
    • ITV
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