Incredible stories of ordinary people who have quit the rat-race and moved to some of the most remote places on the planet. Does a simpler, more creative life make you happier?

  • As our cities become more crowded, and our lives ever more stressful, Kevin wants to find out whether a simpler life out in the wild could make us happier. And what we can learn from this new aspirational type of wilderness living.

    Each episode, Kevin travels to a far flung destination to see how others have built their lives and dwellings against the odds. Often the jaw-droppingly beautiful landscapes belie a harsh reality for the settlers who have chosen to build their lives there. Whether paddling down the Yukon River in a canoe, horse trekking through the Australian bush or machete-ing his way through a dense forest, Kevin will experience the realities of building a sustainable life off the beaten track.

    On arrival, Kevin will be immersed in local life, mucking in with the locals & working harder than he has ever worked in order to experience first-hand what life is really like in these remote places. Kevin will uncover every aspect of life in the wild: from securing food & water to showering and using the toilet.

    Alongside these exhausting realities, Kevin will also experience the simple life-affirming pleasure of sitting around the campfire sipping homemade moonshine or pitching a hammock and sleeping under the glow of the Northern Lights.

    Throughout, Kevin constantly returns to this idea of happiness through simple living – does the romantic notion of living in the wild really chime with the often harsh realities of an isolated existence?

    Kevin believes that the ingenious methods people use to live out in the wilderness – from natural building techniques to homespun energy generation – could have amazing applications back in Britain. But how can these “wild technologies” be used to improve our own lives?

    Escape to the Wild

    Series 1

    First Aired

    • June 2015
    • Channel 4
  • The series will see Jimmy Doherty travelling the world to uncover the incredible stories of ordinary British families who have abandoned the rat race and chosen to set up homes for themselves in some of the most remote places on earth.

    Each episode follows Jimmy as he lives and works alongside a different family in a wildly different environment. From the gold rush Yukon territory of Northern Canada, to the jungle interior of a remote Indonesian island, to the banks of the River Nile in Uganda.

    Jimmy questions whether exchanging the stresses of modern living for a simpler existence has made these intrepid Brits any happier, and whether we can learn anything from their experience.

    In the series Jimmy faces harsh challenges, experiences first-hand what daily life is really like in these remote places and aims to challenge our preconceptions about life outside our overcrowded cities.

    Escape to the Wild

    Series 2

    First Aired

    • February 2017
    • Channel 4
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