This series follows Britain’s most extraordinary job seekers as they seek to prove that having a neurological condition, such as Tourette’s or autism, shouldn’t make them unemployable.

  • Employable Me returns to BBC Two.

    The award winning series is back, following eight job seekers from across the spectrum of neurological and physical disability as they attempt to break into the job market. Occupational Therapist Nancy Doyle has created a unique training centre where they will gain expert help and learn from each other’s experiences as they discover their hidden talents and take on the challenge of finding meaningful, permanent work after years of knock backs and failure.

    Employable Me

    Series 2

    First Aired

    • November 2017
    • BBC 2
  • At the series’ heart is a radical new emerging idea in science: that neurological conditions shouldn’t always be looked at in negative terms. By working with experts such as Director of the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, and occupational psychologist, Nancy Doyle, the job seekers are shown how the strengths and unique skillsets that accompany neuro-developmental conditions can be harnessed in order to help land them their dream job.

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