What To Eat Now: Autumn 1 Series 6 x 30'

A fresh new series that combines cooking and natural history to explain what we should all be eating when autumn comes.


In What To Eat Now culinary explorer Valentine Warner embarks on a mouth-watering, content-rich and beautifully filmed journey through the very best of autumn food.

It’s one of the most exciting parts of the culinary year, when food planted and conceived during the spring and summer is finally ready for harvest. And it’s a moment that allows Valentine to cook some of the dishes he loves most, dishes like rabbit and damson pie; mussel and lovage soup; home-smoked mackerel; fresh truffles and scrambled eggs; and roast duck with apples and quinces.

Each episode follows the growth of the autumnal ingredients that Valentine then shows us how to cook. We use natural history filming techniques to capture the life cycle of rabbits and snipe to mackerel and lobsters, from pumpkins and carrots to apples and pears, explaining not just how they grow but also how their individual flavours and textures develop. And then, just when they’re perfect for eating, we join Valentine as he brings back each ingredient from the river, sea, woodland and field and launches it into ovens, pans and barbecues.

Food programmes are constantly exhorting us to eat seasonally and we all know we should. But, faced with supermarket aisles that offer us virtually everything all year round, few of us understand how the natural rhythms of the culinary world actually work. Wherever he goes and whatever he hunts, fishes, picks and cooks, Valentine makes the connection between cooking and the environment, explaining how and why certain foods and animals appear when they do - and revealing why some foods are in danger of dying out.

Valentine's enthusiasm for seasonal eating is infectious and once you understand exactly how and why foods appear at certain times it’ll be hard to resist the urge to cook them for yourself. It’s a refreshingly clear proposition: here’s what you should be eating now: this is how it grows and this is how to cook it.

Informative, funny, and packed full of riveting information and great recipes, What To Eat Now is the six month story of what we should be eating come the end of next year and the definitive guide to autumn cooking.

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