The Secret World of Posh Pets lifts the lid on the extreme end of Britain’s £5 billion a year pet economy.


In this 6 part series we’ll meet the animals who are living the high life, the animal lovers who are breeding them and discover the businesses who pander to the pet owners every whim. We discover the new ‘IT’ breeds of deluxe pets, how to train them and what it takes to breed a champion. Plus we’ll meet the people who’ve made millions.  Each show features all sorts of creatures; from Great Danes to fast falcons, from pygmy hedgehogs to miniature horses. A city boy dips his toe into exotic cat breeding, whilst an expert animal behaviourist fixes dodgy dogs, and we follow a day in the life of a jet set pet portrait painter, experience an extraordinary £4000 dog wedding and witness a haute couture catwalk show… for chihuhuas. The Secret World of Posh Pets will be an informative and highly entertaining TV show celebrating the British love of animals, with extra bling!

An incredibly amusing watch - The Sun

Jaw dropping documentary  - the Telegraph

The Secret World of Posh Pets, Friday 30th June, 8pm

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