Heston's Feast 1 Series 13 x 60'

Chef Heston Blumenthal becomes a gastronomic timelord as he travels back in time to culinary worlds that have gone untasted for centuries to create spectacular and unforgettable feasts.


Heston Blumenthal - one of the world's greatest chefs - has turned into a gastronomic explorer, visiting culinary worlds from history and fiction to find out if the future of food lies in the gastronomy and stories of the past.

In each episode Heston recreates a spectacular mouth-watering feast. Chomping his way through key culinary moments Heston creates feasts inspired by Henry VIII's Feast of Beasts, Alice's banquet in Wonderland, the world of Willie Wonka, a Teddy Bears' picnic and more, all for a room full of demanding diners, ready for the most incredible meal of their lives.

As the dishes come to life, so do the worlds of the people who ate them.  What was the menu for the last lavish meal on the ill-fated Titanic, is it really possible to build a real-life gingerbread house and how do you bake twenty four live blackbirds inside a pie and keep them alive so when the pie is opened they can fly out?

One thing is certain, each Feast is one that no one will ever forget.

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