We bring to life one of the most popular books of all time – Pride & Prejudice – by re-staging a Regency ball in a fabulous country house in an idyllic corner of the English countryside.


Pride and Prejudice, one of most popular books of all time, will be two hundred years old in 2013.  Despite its age, the book remains extraordinarily popular across the globe.

This one-off special re-stages an authentic Regency ball to mark the 200th anniversary of one of the most loved novels of all time, using it as a prism through which to view life in Jane Austen’s Britain.

Historian Amanda Vickery  leads us through the action, joined by writer Alastair Sooke and a team of experts who reconstruct the ball in loving detail, from the music and the dancing to the food and the fashion.  

Across ninety minutes, we’ll follow the experts as they plan and rehearse a fabulous early 19th century ball. Incredible food, stunning clothes, candlelit rooms, pulse-quickening dances, and horse drawn carriages by moonlight – we unpack the surprising truth about every aspect of Regency life, on location at the house where Jane Austen’s own brother used to live and where she herself spent many happy hours.

The film will climax with a stunning, authentic ball inspired by Austen's Netherfield dance, a turning point in the romance between Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy.

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