Justin's Secret Shoppers 1 Series 6 x 60'

Britain’s most successful deal-maker Justin Preston uses secret cameras to reveal the inside tricks to getting a great deal on everything from clothes to cars.


In this exciting new series retail and business expert Justin Preston comes to the aid of struggling business and confused customers. With the help of hidden cameras and undercover deal-making, he shows businesses how delivering better value and service to customers can actually help them increase their profits. And teaches ordinary people how to haggle and bargain like a master.

In each episode Justin transforms a struggling consumer-facing UK businesses, dragging them kicking and screaming into the 21st century. He’ll work with businesses to increase their profits – creating new deals and better offers for shoppers and helping them develop new lines of business where old ones are failing.

As well as working inside businesses and improving the deals they offer, Justin teaches consumers how to get better deals. He’ll put them on an earpiece so that he can be the “secret voice” in their ear as they haggle for bargains inside real businesses.  His insider tricks and tips teach shoppers how to save money at major chains and independent retailers.

Combining wickedly entertaining secret filming with mischievous and cunning undercover deal-making, this is must-see TV that will teach you how to become a savvy shopper and an expert deal-maker.

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