Mary Portas Secret Shopper 1 Series 12 x 60'

Mary Portas is back as she attempts to transform four businesses where the customer comes anything but first. From shop floors run like youth clubs to clueless sales assistants, can she prove to the owners and staff that excellent customer service isn’t just good for us shoppers but the bottom line too?


In her brand new turbo-charged season of Secret Shopper retail guru and customer-service champion Mary Portas, will again be transforming the fortunes of our failing and desperate shop owners. Mary knows that the stores who realise that shoppers are king and put them at the centre of the shopping experience are the winners.   Modern day shoppers demand to be super-served by their stores – and that means great products, great prices and great shopping environments as well as great service – if these aren’t delivered they vote with their feet and go elsewhere.

With the economy still bumping along the bottom for independent shops the stakes are even higher. It’s no longer about pride or reputation; when whole workforces face losing their jobs it really does matter. And this time Mary will be tackling the retailers that fail us hard-up shoppers: corner shops and minimarts that have fallen out of love with their customers; used car lots full of surly, grumpy and masculine men putting off their female buyers; or fashion and department stores that are out of touch and have lost their style.

In each episode Mary takes a hapless, hopeless, and lazy shop run by larger than life, memorable (and occasionally deluded) owners and drags them kicking and screaming into a brave new world of customer-focussed retail.  

Shoppers know best and Mary will arm herself with an army of picky secret shoppers and secret footage capturing every mistake, every mishap and every comedy moment of bad service to give her a birds-eye view on the shops plus lots of ammunition to use when she goes in.  Using the intelligence gathered Mary is perfectly equipped to give ailing shops the inside knowledge, the skills and the ideas that they need to save their skins.    But will they take her advice??

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