Gordon Ramsay's Shark Bait 1 Series 1 x 60'

The shark is one of the most extraordinary creatures on earth - terrifying, beautiful and, some will argue, delicious. But with shark numbers in decline Gordon Ramsay asks whether shark is a dish that needs to come off our menus for good.


In Gordon Ramsay's Shark Bait, the world's most famous chef will expose the shocking practices that are threatening the existence of one of the earth's most amazing creatures and confront the illicit fishermen, traders and diners who are responsible for the shark's precipitous decline.

Gordon's journey will include tasting a controversial bowl of shark fin soup in London and uncovering gruesome but commonplace shark massacres

Gordon will visit a high-end Chinese restaurant in London to sample the main source of the shark's troubles - a bowl of shark-fin soup that's on the menu for a staggering £40.

In Gordon's pursuit to find out if Shark Fin soup is a dish too far he's heading out of the UK to try and see for himself how shark fins are harvested.  

But it's only when Gordon finally gets his wish to get up close alongside a Great White Shark that he will reach his final conclusion...  He knows that once the sharks are gone they'll be gone for ever.  But will he be convinced that Shark Fin Soup should come off the menu?

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