The Business Inspector 1 Series 4 x 60'

Self-made millionaire Hilary Devey dishes out her no-nonsense advice to struggling entrepreneurs in this brand new troubleshooting series.


No-nonsense, self-made millionaire Hilary Devey is a woman on a mission. A combination of down-to-earth grit coupled with a keen business mind, Hilary began her career in the distribution sector before leaving to set up her own company. Bankers refused to back her venture, and she was forced to sell her house to fund the project.

Now, as chief executive of the Pall-Ex group, the UK’s number one palletised freight distribution network, Hilary is an inspirational role model for both male and female entrepreneurs. Having started from nothing, she now leads a network of businesses that boasts a combined turnover approaching £100million, serving numerous bluechip customers. Hilary won the 2007 Ernst & Young UK Business Services Entrepreneur Award and was a finalist in the 2008 NatWest EveryWoman of the Year Awards.

Hilary is now about to face one of her toughest challenges yet – using her expertise to help Britain’s floundering businesses. Each week she will tackle two struggling outfits – one-man bands, kitchen-table entrepreneurs and small businesses run by talented individuals – and transform them by injecting business sense into their passionate projects.

Hilary’s expertise and experience make her the ideal candidate to revolutionise failing businesses and teach their owners practical skills. The Business Inspector will show these aspiring tycoons how to improve their commercial knowhow, cash flow, marketing strategy and even, in some cases, their enthusiasm!

Hilary is hoping to impart the skills essential for success, and in the process help a nation of entrepreneurs get its businesses shipshape and profitable. Can she make a difference where it really counts?

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