Optomen People

Colin Steele

Development Producer

Colin is a Development Producer at One Potato Two Potato.

Prior to this, Colin was producer of Optomen Television’s BAFTA nominated series Gordon Ramsay’s F Word’ on Channel 4 and Market Kitchen on the Good Food Channel.

Colin joined Optomen Television’s New York office in 2003 where he developed successful commissions including ‘Secrets Of The Dead: Gangland Graveyard’ for PBS (US) and ‘You’re Not The Man I Married’ for Lifetime Television (US).

In 2005, Colin moved to the London development team where he helped secure commissions for ‘Great British Menu,’ ‘Mary Queen of Shops’ and ‘Market Kitchen,’ before moving back into production on three series of ‘Gordon Ramsay’s F Word.’

In 2009, Colin was appointed Development Producer at One Potato Two Potato where he oversees development for all One Potato Two Potato programmes in the United Kingdom, United States and other international territories and recruits key onscreen talent for upcoming OPTP projects.

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