Matilda And The Ramsay Bunch Is Nominated For 2 BAFTA’s


13 year old Matilda Ramsay is one of the youngest presenters on British television and the series is up for The Children’s Entertainment in 2015 BAFTA & The BAFTA Kids Vote. Viewers can vote for the show at

There’s a new female chef on the block and she’s making some delicious waves. 13 year old Matilda Ramsay is one of the youngest presenters on British television, she’s cooking up a storm on CBBC and her series, Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch is up for 2 Children’s BAFTAs – The Children’s Entertainment in 2015 BAFTA & The BAFTA Kids Vote. Viewers can vote for the show at

Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch is based around Tilly’s delicious, healthy cooking, her food blog and her madcap lifestyle with her crazy but loving family. Tilly was joined in the series by her siblings Jack, Megan and Holly and their parents, ‘embarrassing’ practical joker dad, Gordon and mum Tana who holds the family together – a dynamic that much of CBBC’s audience can relate to.

Everything Tilly and the family do across the summer, from trips out, traumas, sibling rivalry and friendships feature in the series – along with the family’s selfies and home footage.

The show consistently drew some great ratings - one week topping the CBBC weekly audience figures and giving the channel's major dramatic output a run for its money.  With its fast paced content and entertainment-driven reality, the show’s new approach to cooking also created a large on-line audience which led to high download figures on the BBC iplayer – each episode making it into the BBC’s top 40 - a real achievement for a brand new show. Tilly’s online food blog featured diary entries, photos and unseen footage and some of her best and healthiest recipes, engaging and empowering a large audience to join in and upload photos of their own versions of the dishes - proof positive the series had an inspiring effect.

The show was well received by the adult press with good reviews from amongst  others the Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail and Radio Times all giving the series great reviews,  

Matilda says:

"It's such an honour to be nominated for a BAFTA. I'm also so happy that I get to share the nomination with the rest of the Ramsay bunch.....and I guess mum and dad. I hope dad won't be too jealous!"

Gordon says:

"A big congrats to Tilly, Megan, Jack and Holly! Hard work definitely pays off"

One Potato Two Potato TV says:  ‘Tilly is a super young cook and  a great character, with a confidence that belies her age.  We wanted the series to entertain and inspire British kids to cook (and eat) delicious, healthy food, so it’s great that the audience has taken to Tilly and the show so quickly. It’s brilliant to be nominated twice for the Kids Bafta after only 1 series and is especially exciting to be up for the audience vote.  “ 

Executive producers: Paul Ratcliffe, Gordon Ramsay, Sue Murphy, Patricia Llewellyn

Series II will air in 2016.  

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