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Cults, How Vulnerable Are You? A series of two shocking documentaries investigates the dangerous organisations lurking in country houses, gated compounds, terraced streets and even sleepy cul-de-sacs – revealing who they are, how they work and what they do to get their claws into everyday people.


With first-hand testimony from ex-members once held in the clutches of these insidious groups, along with the tragic stories of family members and friends with loved ones still in their grip, and with input from leading experts working to help those caught up in these sects, the series will give a complete picture of cults or extreme religions that display cult-like behaviour.


Trapped in a Cult? tells the frightening stories of ordinary people whose lives have been destroyed when they became vulnerable to a cult.


Captivating and harrowing real life stories such as mother Barbara Weed who’s been searching for her youngest son Tom ever since he became obsessed with an online philosophical group, Freedomain Radio whose charismatic Canadian founder preached the dangers of abusive family ties, convincing Tom to escape his family home.  Or Lizzie and her husband who, seduced by a guru, left their old lives for a new spiritual existence which quickly became a nightmare.  Especially for Lizzie after she gave £600,000 to the spiritual leader who turned her husband against her.


Inside Scientology.. And Escaping the Witnesses uses first-hand testimony from three women to tell the extraordinary stories of followers whose faith turned their lives upside down.


Ex-Scientologist, Sam Domingo, tells her experience of twenty years as one of Scientology’s most dedicated followers in the elite Sea Organization, where she claims to have endured terrible conditions, harsh punishments and pressure to abort a child from a fellow member of the church. 


The other two women were both born and raised Jehovah’s Witnesses but felt failed by their religion when they suffered family crises.  Karen Stanway claims to have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a church elder and Karen Morgan who felt controlled by fear and disassociated from society through teachings of an impending Armageddon.   Both Karens knew that if they left the Jehovah’s Witnesses they would be “disfellowshipped” – shunned - and isolated from everyone they’d known. 


Each story is a fascinating study using first-hand accounts of cult members, religious fanatics and their families' experiences, as well as comment from leading experts.  This two part documentary will lift the lid on the secretive world of cults, controlling religions and their ability to destroy lives.

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