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Every recipe tells a story. And every family has one that makes us laugh, rediscover precious memories and sums up all that’s great about food. Whether it’s Norma's Roast Lamb or Eric’s Legendary Chocolate Rolls, these dishes delight our senses, bring people together and spread happiness.


Food, Glorious Food! Is a new competition series that scours the country in search of a very special dish that, for the first time in television history, every viewer in Britain will be able to taste for themselves. Warm, funny, and irresistibly entertaining, this will be the biggest and most inclusive food show on British TV.

Everyone thinks they can cook one dish brilliantly, and that’s all they need to do to enter the competition. And the prize couldn’t be more delectable: in addition to a cash prize, the winner will see their dish on the shelves of every Marks & Spencer supermarket across the UK. All the profits will go to charity, so everyone will benefit.

We’ll tell the story behind each dish, revealing the power of food to touch our hearts and delight our taste buds.

The dishes will be judged by four brilliant judges: Tom Parker Bowles (food writer and historical recipe buff); Stacie Stewart (bakery owner and cake maker extraordinaire); Anne Harrison (Vice Chairwoman of the Women’s Institute) and Loyd Grossman (writer, gastronome and pasta sauce impressario). Our host Carol Vorderman guides us through the action, offering soothing words to panic-stricken contestants and congratulatory hugs to jubilant winners.

Food, Glorious Food! is the format where food and family come together like never before. The whole country will take part in a mouth-watering search to uncover a recipe that’s delicious enough to win a truly exceptional prize. A dish that’s not just good, not just great, but glorious.

An Optomen Television & Syco Entertainment co-production for ITV1

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