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Calling all 18-30 year olds

Have you ever questioned your sexuality? Are you heterosexual and opinionated? Are you gender confused? Do you believe people should be defined by a gender? Are you thinking about coming out to your family and friends? Are you about to undergo sex reassignment surgery?

If you’re bright, confident, outgoing and opinionated this could be the show for you!

You will spend a week together in a modern designer house discussing the topic, sharing your experiences, and offering support to one another.

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Email identity@optomen.com or call/ WhatsApp us on 07469083393

Applicants 18yrs and over. Filming in September 2017 


Your application will be received by a member of Optomen Television and they will contact you directly. Optomen Television will process and hold your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act and their privacy policy

Employable Me is back

This is the BBC series exploring the challenges people with various disabilities or physical differences can face when finding a job. The aim of the series is to increase recognition that disability should not be seen as a barrier to meaningful employment, and indeed diversity can be a positive benefit in the business environment.


The first series of Employable Me followed neuro-diverse jobseekers with conditions, such as Autism and Tourette’s as they sought to overcome these challenges with help from experts. We’re very happy to say that the films were extremely well received by the neuro-diverse community and in the press, and that our contributors and the businesses featured felt that taking part in the project was an overwhelmingly positive experience.


After the success of the first series, Optomen have been commissioned by BBC Two to make a second series, extending the opportunity of employment to the wider spectrum of disability.


Series Two ambitions are bigger with the aim of helping more people who are seeking employment.  We are now looking for people who are neuro diverse and individuals with physical disabilities and conditions who would like help to find work. We are also broadening our search to include people with various disabilities and conditions who are unemployed or who are employed but feel they are not fulfilling their potential in their current role.


Dates and How To Get Involved:

Casting for Series Two of Employable Me, will take place until February 2017. We hope to film until autumn 2017.


Anyone who is interested in taking part or wants more information about what’s involved should contact the casting team at Employable Me.


E:  Employableme@optomen.com

T: 0203 227 5935


You can see clips from the first series on the BBC website here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0755nyq


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