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Here's an opportunity for you to be involved in one of our up coming shows.


Retail expert, Mary Portas is back with her Channel 4 series ‘Mary Portas: Secret Shopper’ offering help to independent shops and businesses.

The show’s producers are currently looking for independent retailers that could benefit from Mary’s help. They’re keen to hear from any business owners or managers who would like fresh ideas to bring customers through the door and put money in the till.

If you feel your business could benefit then please email mary@optomen.com or call +44(0)203 227 5987

We Want To Speak To The UK’s Top Medical Experts!

Consultant Ophthalmologists, ENT Surgeons, Mobility Rehab Centres, Neurosurgeons, Orthopaedic Surgeons…

Optomen Television are making a new primetime documentary series for ITV and we want to speak to the UK’s top medical specialists.

In our new series, we’re following patients undergoing potentially life changing operations to restore sight, mobility and hearing.

We’re looking for stories which show how modern medicine can offer hope to patients and their families. The programme will demonstrate how debilitating conditions can be overcome at the hands of medical professionals, catching-up with patients before the operation, through surgery and rehabilitation and beyond to the future.

If you’re a medical specialist offering procedures that can radically improve sight, hearing or mobility, we’d love to have a no obligation chat with you.

Please get in touch with Producer Avril on 0203 227 5940 or email themiracle@optomen.com.

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